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The mysterious Volcanoman

A joint effort by Eva Becker, Henning Christiansen, Teja Fischer, Željko Vidović

20min / 2015 / Full HD

Tobi and Karo, brother and sister, are being sent on a great mission by the producer: To search and find the mysterious volcanoman of Anak Krakatau! And make a movie! Because the producer urgently needs money… a lot of money!

Loosely based on an idea by Henning and Teja and shot in 4.5 days in Zadar, Croatia, in June 2014. Our intention was to make it funny, so in case we succeeded, this would probably count as a comedy. Due to lack of time, plot and characters were developed throughout the shooting. With a team of four there was no hiding: acting, camera, sound, sundae building, direction – we all had to try out. And three of us had never acted in front of a camera…

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